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Deer/big game hunters


I see a lot of posts here but not many that actually used a airbow on big game.
How many have used an airbow to kill big game animals? What type of airbow and broad ear did you use? Happy with the performance?

Wow, thought after 3 months I might of found someone who actually hunted with one of these.

It could be that there aren't any states that allow it to be used for big game hunting.  Although I'm just guessing. 

I know it's not permitted in New York. 


 I have a Wing Shot, but first not legal either with slug or bolt in WI, #2 way louder than my crossbow, no Donny FL for air bow that I know of ???

They're legal here in VA, but my wife and I own big bore slug flingers, no arrow guns yet.  IIRC, Virginia is one of the only states allowing them.


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