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The Passing of Jim Cyran .... Field Target Community Icon & Friend

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For many in the AAFTA Field Target world & especially those on the West coast knew Jim Cyran as the guy always willing to help out, have a conversation about the game he loved so much ... FIELD TARGET
Jim was my shooting partner over the last 10 years and was instrumental in the forming of the SVFTC.  Jim traveled every year up and down the west coast, trips to national events threw out the country in the last 10+ years.
While not a frequent poster here on the  GTA name 22JIM he was very well known by many on the AG forums.

Jim Had moved to OHIO last fall where he was born and raised to live out his days ( @ 74 iirc ) and had returned out west for one last Duck / Goose hunt with his buddies.  Jim suffered a massive heart attack while doing what he loved ( Shooting ) with the Friends he loved ... What a Way to go !!

God speed my good friend   :'(

Scott Schneider

GOD Speed Jim and thanks for all you did for the sport. You will not be forgotten!!!

Love and prayers out to his family....

One of the finest people that i have had the pleasure to meet.

You will be truly missed my friend.

Fair winds and following seas.


God Speed Mr Jim...i hear field target silhouettes reset themselves in heaven, and that mostly is not windy at all... shoot on. My prayers with his family and friends.


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