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Bluing the pot metal Crosman 2240 trigger frame

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Hi, Gents ...

I am hoping that among you machining and parts making folks I might find someone who has tried to use Birchwood Casey bluing products on the Crosman pot metal trigger frames.  I happen to be working with a 2240 trigger frame.  I have stripped all of the old black finish off ... I assume it was powder coated.  Crosman will not tell me what the composition of the pot metal is.  I have asked them several times.  Birchwood casey will not even suggest a product to try unless I can tell them what the composition of the metal is.  My father used to call this situation an "Irish Pi**ing Contest". (He was Irish, by the way, so he would know.)

So far my only idea is to buy some of all three of BCs products, two bluing products and one aluminum black product, and see what works.  I would rather use that same money on a cheeseburger and a beer.  Can anyone give me any advice based on passed experience?

John Washbush
Bloomington, Indiana


Do you have access to this?

I don't think they will tell you the metal alloy composition. Crosman may not even KNOW and just relies on the foreign supplier to make parts sufficiently strong with "good enough" dimensions.

Alloy likely consists of mostly Zinc with a little Tin, Aluminum and other trace (low melting temperature) metals.

I don't have any suggestions other than paint (or Sharpie marker) for pot metal parts.

Post was about 3D printing so I moved it to the Simple Home Projects Tips & Tricks section.

SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Blowpipe Sam:
Crosman used to use ZMAC for its trigger assemblies.  My vintage 1377 and my new 2240 look like they are made from the same alloy so I bet its still ZMAC.  If it is then powder coating is your best course.

I agree with the powder coating method too, paint will work but powder coating would probably look better.


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