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Is this defunct?

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All the ads in my face every day is a huge donation.   ;D

 Free giveaways with out donations helps a bit I can buy more lead ;)

I don't think I've ever bought anything because of an ad placed here on the GTA. I've used Brave browser ever since I was turned on to it by another member so I don't even see the ads. If I want something I usually go find it rather than it finding me.
Now I have bought things behind something being posted in the Bargain Gate.

 I have my favorite sponsors, and was a patron of them many times before they advertised here, for the newbs  the sponsors are reputable places to get what one needs for the hobby, so it is another resource for them.

To be honest, the ads here are absolutely tailored to what we do and love. I have yet to see an ad for something outside of the air gun world, so I have absolutely no qualms about the few ads that I do see on the site. If I was getting ads for Amazon, Facebook, Walmart or any other megacorp I would be much more inclined to use an ad blocker, or switch to a different browser for GTA. If a few ads for companies I already frequent or am likely to buy things from in the future are the ONLY ads I see, and it keeps the lights on, then who am I to complain?


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