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AE21 - - Utah Airguns in Studio, AirMaks Arms - Katran, Caiman X - Rec. 05-12-21



Utah Airguns is the place to go for brands like FX and AirMaks.  In this studio segment, we’ll take a look at two amazing airguns from AirMaks Arms called the Katran and the Caiman X.  These airguns are built to exceptionally high standards that rifle any other airgun currently made.  Yeah, they are that good.  To Learn more about this product at:   

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The Airgun Expo was held from May 10th, 2021 through May 14th, 2021.  It was our pleasure to have companies from all over the US and Internationally present their products at our first event.

Airgun Expo was held at AirgunWeb Media Group headquarters in West Texas.  The Airgun Expo is brought to you by Gateway to Airguns ( and Airguns of Arizona (  To learn about ALL our sponsors and see more information about the products they presented at the show, please use the links below or just visit (  Thank you for Watching!

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