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Artemis M11 MK2 .177 NSA 12.5 gr. CP Slugs

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I never really got my M11 to like slugs (.22 cal) but it does like either the 18.13 JSB or 16 gr AA.

 I have one in .25 that does ok with my cast slugs, good enough for its 50 and under hunting range I use it for. funny thing is I have not even taken time to clean the barrel as of yet on the .177  :o
 I do prefer the M11 over my Marauder, its silky smooth bolt, and better bluing and I must even say build quality, on the ones I have including their pistol/ carbines I have, and the price is very attractive, might be why I keep buying them ;)

Thanks James;  Been waiting for your report.  Looking @DAR or m11 in 177. Shooting slugs accurately at 50yds is required.  Is the moderator on m11 the one that comes with it?  Thanks again for any observations good or bad.  I assume you got the untuned gun?

 Being I bought the M11 from Canada, there is no moderator included, but can be ordered from Air Gun Archery Fun , and drop shipped from a US based dealer that also does tuning work etc. for w\their US customers. IIR they may be an upgrade from the OE ones that would be included.

 I cast up some of my .177 slugs from my decked mold, getting 875 FPS with them, seem accurate @10m, but will have to take it outside and see what happens at 50. I do loose some energy down from 29ish to just under 20 FPE.;topicseen#new
 Will have to see how they do out of the Mrod also more to come.  8)


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