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DIY power tool battery powered compressor?

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Been thinking about this for a bit... Has anyone used 18 volt power tool batteries with their automobile powered compressors? I have a ton of Ryobi batteries and would probably get an adapter like this

I checked and most all the 12 volt tools are 12v max or 10.8v nominal, so not an option.

Specific compressor is a Benjamin Traveller Gen2.

To make life easier on the batteries, I'd use with two 9 amp packs in parallel which would be about a 1.5C discharge rate. A pair of 6a packs would also be OK for a little over 2C discharge. I see at least 24 amps shown on the meter when the compressor runs, and it is listed as 26 amp draw.

In theory these devices are designed to handle 16 volts from the vehicle, so the 18 volts should be OK. I may pull the top off my compressor tonight and take a look, but would like to hear if anyone else has done similar and how well it works and what kind of run times you get.

A 12V motor run at 18V for prolonged time under severe load is a nono, thats a 50% (severe) overload.
Stick to the advertised 12V batteries ie 3 LiPo cells. 4 cells at best!

That said.
A "typical" 12V compressor will consume some 250-300W while running under load.

Bear with me as this math really ($uck$) is translated to "not worthy" by the sites autocorrect, doing Imperial!!!
Well that flew under the radar!

So 250W/12V = @21Amps, 300W/12V @25Amps.
That can be scaled up or down so:
A 4Amp battery = (4/25 to 4/21) = 9½-11½ min runtime.
A 5Amp battery = 12-14 min runtime.

An item running a current of 21Amps in an hour with a 4 amp battery/supply will only run 4/21= 11½min before the battery is empty. 4 amps (run for an hour/60min) drained at 21amps is 4/21= 11½MIN.


I have the cover off looking to see what the motor might be... There are zero markings on anything in here except the control circuit board which has New Warrior on the silk screen.

So yeah, 18 volts might not be a good choice! And I don't think it will be worth the cost of a 30 amp DC to DC converter. I'll have to get a meter out and check the voltage from the PS, nominal from a running car will be 13.8-14 volts, but 18 is probably a stretch too far.

The PS puts out 13 volts idle and pulls down to 12.4x volts at 3000psi. 18 is probably too much unless I can find info on this motor to see if it can operate at 18.


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