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Iíve used the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro and had success, I love it and it was a great match with my Gamo TC-45, but Iíve got something new from ATN, the TC-45 is getting some new eyes! This is a little different then what Iím used to but I love it! Thermal steps the game up a bit! I guess by now you know, itís a thermal, the ATN THOR 4! The Thor 4 is a thermal scope that picks up the heat signatures of animals. It also allows you to record what you see, or shoot! Iíve taken it out a couple times to practice with it and get familiarized with what the different things look like in it and check out itís many features. One of the features is the ability to choose different color pallets. All I need to do now is zero it in. I tried during the day using hot hands for a target but itís so hot that I couldnít differentiate between the target and the backstop. I packed up and waited till it cooled down.  Letís get it zeroed and it ready for some hunting!

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