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Air rifle silhouette

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I like the regularity of once per month and on a consistent day, it makes it much easier to plan for and fit into already established life/stuff.  I donít really have a preference for which day but Iím a morning person so A.M. matches would be best for me.

Thanks for stepping up to try organizing this.

So it looks like Saturday the 13th will be the day weather permitting, I will keep people posted and we should have a pretty good idea about upcoming snowstorms by next week this time.
What I do know for certain is it will be at Fosters on the creek which is on hwy 105 south of Sedalia and west of Castle Rock. I've also purchased paper targets for the 100yd benchrest any air rifle match.
I have two tanks I can fill peoples pcp guns with for a small fee if you don't have a tank.
Speaking of fees I'm not going collect any or give any awards unless people want to throw 5-10.00 in a pot for the winner of the match they plan on shooting.{I'm hoping my scope has enough elevation to shoot 100yds!!} because I plan on shooting it with one of my pip-squeak 177's.
The range will be open by 830 and we'll start at 10am, come early and get your guns zeroed.
Interested parties will have to email me for specific directions at

Well unfortunately the weather forecast is not looking good for next weekend, snow on Friday night and a high of 40 on Saturday, this is Colorado and you never know if that 7 day cycle of snow is going to hit on a weekend, last weekend it was Sunday.
Don't be discouraged because time is on our side in this case!
April 10th is the second Saturday in the coming month, we'll try again that day.

Were going to try to shoot on April 10th, the second Saturday.

On Saturday April 10th weather permitting I'm hosting a match at Fosters on the Creek.
1.We'll start off the day at 8am sighting in and if everyone is ready by 930 we'll shoot a 50yd paper match for score using the 25 bull USBR target, time limit is 20 minutes with a time out available for pcp shooters to re-fill if needed. Guns limited to .177 and 22 cal, no power restriction.
2.After that if there's anyone that wants to shoot a 40 shot off hand silhouette match we'll have one, limited to .177 and 22 cal. guns, no power restriction. Distances will be in accordance with NRA rules, 20yds, 30yds, 36yds and 45yds. NRA time limits apply, 2.5 minute per 5 shot string.
3.Following that match is a air rifle benchrest silhouette match shot at 22lr distances, limited to 177 and 22cal guns no power restrictions, 40meters,60m,77m and 100m.
4.To conclude the day we'll shoot a unlimited class 100yd benchrest match, any caliber, 3 shots for score on 5 bulls, it will be a 50yd smallbore rifle target. Time limit will be 5minutes to establish a zero and 10minutes to shoot the 15 shots, a time out will be allowed for pcp shooters to refill if necessary.
There is no match fee but targets will be 1.00 each and pcp gun refills are 2.00 each.
Email me to register and get directions


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