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Everone should read this… Revised..UNDERSTANDING BALK FIRING

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When a trigger is in the balk fire mode, isn't the very act of slapping the barrel to open it enough to fire the spring?

I don't know of that ever happening but that is possible but normally it would not be open far enough if it did let go that it's not going to damage the gun and you should have a grip on the barrel. It would go off the instant the barrel were slapped and before the barrel was hardly moved. It's better to have control if it does let go than to have it go off unexpectedly because it wasn't recocked and reset.


Thanks for posting this, it could save someone an injury in the future. Also just installed the GRT-III trigger in my Benjamin Titan  yesterday, installation went well, Love the new trigger.

Mike 4888blues:
 :) :)
 I always replace my triggers if need to with a trigger from charlie da tuna,
 always great to learn something new and this makes sense.

 I thought the sear stayed still while the trigger just finally tightened up on its linkage before finally firing, never thought the sear was actually changing positions.   
 great to know, thanks for the info, love this  site!
 thanks charlie

In this position of balk, even attempting to apply the safety on the guns that have the safety in the trigger guard could result in the gun discharging. My point is on the REM / CROSMAN guns I would not apply the safety till after the re-cock the gun. Correct me if I am wrong. I had a gun that was in the balk position and due to the setting of the trigger, the gun did discharge. I corrected the problem by adjusting the trigger. Very good thread for all of us.


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