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Hello Everyone !!!! If You're Interested in Target Shooting, Please Read !

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Hello Everyone !

If you are interested in shooting our Target Matches, these are Honor Matches, meaning that you score your targets and post your scores for each match.

Posting a photograph of your target is desired, but not mandatory.

You shoot the Matches at your own firing range, whenever you have the time.

Indicate the match, match number, airgun, sighting equipment, pellet, powerplant and position (Where required).

Select the Match or Matches that you are interested in competing in, check down the list of Matches on THE TARGET RULES GATE, the rules and links to the proper target for each match are listed here !

The GTA Matches are held bi-weekly starting April to the end of October.

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask !!!

Thanks for Your interest !


Do the targets print the correct size on std (8.5x11) printer paper ?

Yes they do.  But I'll let the computer wizs answer that...because it's possible you might need to set some controls on your printer.

Also Random Plinker/Eric have printed out the dimensions of the "Rings" on the bottom of most target sheets.  You can check your printout's bulls/rings with a ruler.

Are any matches active at this time?  Seems all are older results from a few years ago.


--- Quote from: Hammer47 on November 02, 2014, 08:45:58 AM ---Are any matches active at this time?  Seems all are older results from a few years ago.

--- End quote ---

Yes we are holding unofficial matches weekly and have a monthly springer challenge. Go to "Shooting Match Gates" and scroll down.

here is a link


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