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Getting a NSA .22 to open up better ... a LOT better !

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--- Quote from: bear air on January 12, 2021, 09:49:41 PM ---I'll be interested to see what those open up to  Scott.

--- End quote ---
Well here is that anwser ...
12.5 grain at 20 yards into a jug of water ( @ 1020 fps )

Pretty interesting s Scott, Love-it! Simple, fast, inexpensive! What could you ask more of!  But you know me, I just had to ask, so----
 Pretty much were I started from. I will share tonight, or tomorrow how I get them to open at 400+ fps.  ;)   And very explosive at higher fps form a pcp long gun.

It is so simple that it is going to be a letdown. But doable, just has one more step in the name of long range accuracy.   ;D 

Bonus, I will include a simple way to get perfect mushroom and not have explosive expansion in high fps slugs as well. 8)   
Well, maybe. For what ever reason, the ms card for my old Sony won't let me delete any pic's and it is full! GRRRRR!!

I'll put what I can over here---  Feel free to post there as well. We need to help folks out as much as we can.


Doug Wall:
When I came up with that, about a year ago, I called NSA, and chatted with them about it. They had actually tried things like that, but had production problems with it. I can see that. I had some problems with the punch bit sticking in the cavity. I've experimented with different pellet modifications for about 50 years. Some work, some don't.

If you have a drill press you can make a jig to hold the slug and use the drill press for an arbor press.  For those who have a hard time being consistant with a hammer. 


--- Quote from: Motorhead on January 12, 2021, 09:12:40 PM ---Just did @ 100 JSA .177 @ 12.5 grains using a "0" size jewelers Phillips tip.

--- End quote ---

Anything shot with those will be screwed :)


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