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Spring for Nitro Piston?....Update: BUMMER

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Hey all, I know a few here have converted their spring powered air rifle into a nitro ram/piston shooter.  Can I just buy a nitro ram....say a Crosman Titan one....and just drop it in?  And/or do I need to modify existing parts?  Or do I need to buy extra parts?

I've read that the shooting cycle would be I lose some fps also?

It's for the Crosman Storm XT and G1 Extreme, the Gamo Big Cat, Viper and Whisper.

I know of one place that sell a kit to convert spring to nitro ram....I think the price is in the $100.00Can range.

pappa: sells nitro pistons but don't know if they sell it outright or if they require you to let them install it. Go to the web site and check it out. You can look up individual rifles in their rifle lists and discover if your rifle is available with the nitro piston. If it is, then you can get it for your rifle. It is in the neighborhood of $100.

Give them a call at 888-262-4867 and talk it over, they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

 I'm not sure of all the parts needed, but looking at the diagram (, looks like at the minimum you would need part #3, #4 and #5. One of Gene's GRS bushing kits would be nice too.,4622.0.html

Thanks guys....and Toolmaker for the exploded Trail diagram.  I checked out some threads in the "Shop talk...Gate" which a few members swapped out the spring for a NP ram.  From what I've seems you could just drop in a gas ram, but with a kit everything would be more snug.

And the concensus is that there won't be a loss of fps, and that the cocking effort is more constant all the way through the cocking movement....but maybe a bit harder.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to order two kits to try them out.  And maybe also order just two nitro gas rams to just drop into 2 other air rifles to see the difference (Also to see if I need to modify the existing parts).

 Be sure to keep us updated... with lots of pics!  ;D


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