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Possible Detonation


I have shot the new hatsan Harpoon about 8 times(total shot count of 8) and I found that all but three had that dreaded burnt smell and loud crack. They were all the Gold Tip Ballistic 425 bolts with 100 gr field tips. The ones that made the “detonation” all had the inserts re-glued about 36 hours ago. I thought they had completely cured and that I had blown all the left over gases out completely. Apparently not.

Although there seemed to be no damage to the bolts, they smell burnt so it’s aluminum bolts from here on out it seems. I removed the barrel and shroud and cleaned it all thoroughly with clean dry patches in case some kind of non-HPA approved lubricant had gotten in the gun.

The manual states that minimal lubricant, I believe pure silicone only should be used on the barrel oring that slides into the rear of the bolts. Any suggestions?

I figured this is good to share since it could prevent damage or injury to themselves, the platform, or others.

I will say the one chrony shot I took said 468FPS with a 438gr(with field tip) bolt.


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