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 We have a few of our old timers retiring this year so we have been lookinghigh and low for a few level headed people to be moderators. This Guy is no stranger and were happy he joined us in the back field Dairyboy come on down!!!

Welcome Dillon! Thanks for helping out.

Congrats Dillan, remember I knew you before you were a Mod so be nice to me buddy!
New fancy AAA EVOL & a GTA mod, the heavens are looking down on ya and smiling.

Welcome aboard Dillon! 

Since you are now not only the newest but youngest staff member, you will have to do more work and take some &^^& from us.  Just a heads up  :)   Oh and if Bill asks you to buy him beer or send him stuff, just ignore it, it's not required.

Welcome to the crazy house I'm sure you will fit right in. 


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