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Will gauntlet baffles fit a PP750 tube ?

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How did Haji's baffle set work for the PP750, I know this is old but I'll start here.
I just got mine and Love it, Wes set me up with a gentleman in Calf. that sent me an Aluminum set of baffles and find No changes in Sound reduction. That WES is an outstanding human being, so easy to work with and will help to best of his ability.
Thank You for your replies.

The factory baffles are very limited, any power increase or .22 caliber will overwhelm them quickly.

LDC is very effective.

A longer barrel can also assist by reducing the amount of air needed to make the same power.

 Something like hair curlers  with felt, think Hatsan baffles, I found to work better than OE baffles.


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