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 Post a picture of a kid you know with a caption below it to get a chance at winning a Umarex NXG APX multi pump BB gun and scope. 1 winner will be chosen in a random drawing of entrants.

Hoosier Daddy:
Here is my first entry..."Dead Eye Lou" in the early days... She is now 13 with her own XS12 from FD.... but this is my favorite pic.
Back when she was shooting her Crosman Raven.

Hoosier Daddy:
Then comes "Breaker Brayona"  she is 10 YO and is an amazing shooter!

Hoosier Daddy:
My first Grandson Shooting my XS60... "Chuck the Truck"... he is 8 YO and has a heart of gold.

 Awesome Scott! Nice shooting Crew you have there!


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