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Model 70 .25 take a young boar

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Nomadic Pirate:
Wasn't planning to hunt today but all of a sudden I found myself with a few hours to spare so i took the opportunity to go sit in my blind.

Since I'm planning to turn my Model 70 .25 into my low power, around the house gun it was only fair I would give her one more chance in the Hog woods.

A few weeks back I added a bump bucket ( made of a Miracle grow container ) to my feeder location,

the bump bucket is at the 3 o'clock position in relation of the feeder at the 12 O'clock

Winds comes straight from the 12 O'clock direction so the 3 O'clock is still very conducive.

I was in the blind for 3 hours when two nice brothers came in,

didn't go to the feeder but be-lined to the bump,

I re-positioned myself to the side of the blind and I had immediately both a side and a straight shot on both boars,...that doesn't happen  ;D ;D ;D

So I was trying to make up my mind when something spooked them and they took of hard.

Dang !!!!! that's it, there goes my one chance of the day  >:( >:(

I go back to the position overlooking the feeder hoping that some other hogs would come in.

20 minutes later the two brothers came back to the Bump bucket,.....WOW that doesn't happen often either  ;D

This time I took the first shot opportunity given  ;D ;D ;D

........The Model 70 was shooting the 31gr Baracuda.

Luis Leon:
Great shot placement Manny... roasted pork tacos...

Nice hunting!  I just got done watching some crazy Hog Hunters series on TV where they trap hogs instead of shooting them.  And then they RELOCATE(!) some.  Refreshing to see one taken out as it should be.  These things ruin the environment.

Also, he didn't know what hit him but if he had the chance to look he'd swear it was a PB Model 70.  I like that stock.

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Hi Manny.

Excellent shot placement & hunting with your Evanix Mod 70.

Best Wishes - Tom

Nomadic Pirate:
Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

I still need to find where the wallow is,
Often the porkers come to the feeder area wet, the two brothers yesterday came really wet.

I've been exploring quite a bit the area in the direction where the hogs come when they are wet but so far I haven't been able to find where the wallow is ( that's tells you how thick and challenging the vegetation is )

if I can find it it would be a golden gift, sitting on wallows is as good as it gets and this ones seems to be a big one and really active even now that's been real dry.


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