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Lucky gun !!.. Big boar down.

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Nomadic Pirate:
Some guns you take them out dozens of times and just don't seem to find game while you are carrying them, ( Like my REX Mini-Carbine ) like if she has a spell  ;D ;D
Other guns just seem to attract hogs  ;D ;D
My last successful hunt was with the Storm .30 that I just bough on tthe 1st hunt and got a nice big saw, then I sent it to Will Piatt for a tune ( that by the way came out fantastic, I'm gonna make a thread as soon as I get some time )
Anyway got the gun couple days ago, put a scope on, took for a hunt today and again,....a magnet  ;D

So I've been sitting in my tree-blind once a week for a couple months just watching and giving a pass to a bunch of saws and small boars,

I know that saws at some point will bring in tail big boars.

Been watching this particular group of 3 Medium small Saws coming in for well over a month,

today again they showed up, and I almost got a heart attack when they where followed by this nice big boar  ;D ;D ;D

The hole under my feeder got so deep that took a long, long time to line up a shot, couple times I figured I missed my chance when the boar left in a hurry, but after some agonizing minutes he came back  ;D ;D ;D

I knew that at some point I either needed to take a risky shot or give him a pass, corn was almost finished so he was moving a lot and in quick bursts, also soon they will probably just leave.

he finally gave me a good broadside but I had to shave the rim of the hole to make the shot,....I took my chance, and believe me it was a big sight of relieve when the front legs locked and he went perfectly still for a good second,...I knew then I had him.

Chris USA:
Very nice! It is nice when repeated waiting/stalking finally pays off.

I am assuming you eat the hogs? How do they compare to commercial pork in taste and fat content.

Good hunt Manny... great to see you out there gettin after 'em.

You shoot behind the ear? I see no hole.
Nice shooting.

Nice one Manny!


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