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JSAR makes an announcement about the HAWK

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I'm really looking forward to it.....Hopefully soon!


--- Quote from: cootertwo on April 18, 2020, 03:54:18 PM ---And the Raptor ??? ? ;)

--- End quote ---
I honestly knew what you were getting at.
I have had so many business and life interruptions that I have not even been able to shoot my Raptor as planned let alone review it :( sad panda

Cooter, I can comment a little on the Raptor. As Mine is a Mini, a few things will be different of course.

Accuracy with the supplied barrel with pellets in .22 which is a 214 groove barrel is truly excellent with a LOT of pellets. I did not get pin point accuracy with is with slugs, mostly due to not having a sizer small enough to fit the grooves. So far, 80 fpe is where she got too. However, I have it set at 74 fpe. 

I put a slug linner from Brownells in it at .2227 groove and it is a laser in the gun. No doubt had I received a Slug barrel from JSAR/Tj's, it too would have been a laser. ;)

The .250 barrels, (one a L/W) the other supplied by JSAR are both extremely accurate with both pellets and slugs. It loves .250 slugs in the TJ's barrel and .251 in the L/W barrel. I have gotten up to 150 fpe from either.

I tried a .257 barrel, and although it shot well,it has a faster twist and did not do as well with the shorter slugs I had on hand as it being the Mini, it simply does not have the Plenum for full length slugs. Which of course is perfectly normal. the .257 HP as produced from JSAR does have the larger plenum, along with a Chrome Moly hammer/plenum tube in order to handle higher pressures. Which no doubt will greatly increase power potential. ( Thinking of ordering a Chrome Moly tube in order to machine it for the Mini). Woo-Hoo!!!

I know this is not a real review, but never the less, this is my findings so far.

About the only thing I can add is that NO Squirrel, Cow Bird, or
Crow has been safe around here. They just seem to keep falling out of the trees. Must be some kind of lead aversion going around.  :( :o   ;D


Wow! I forgot to say what for me at least is one of the most important things concerning the Mini. It is no where near an Air Hog. Man, this thing sips air.
What would normally be a 1 to 1 1/2 hour session with the Rainstorm II goes on for 3-4 four hours with the mini. it just does not use a lot of air, and is so much quieter with much less recoil. I can watch the slugs all the way to the target or vermin. A HUGE + in my mind. ;) 8)



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