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Gamo MULTI-SHOT - Gamo Swarm Fox + Swarm Bone Collector + Rocket Shot = FUN!


The Gamo Multi-Shot Swarm Fox in .177 is a great youth break barrel (with adult supervision).  The Swarm Fox (available in .177 and .22) uses the Gamo multi-shot 10 Pellet SWARM system, is easy to cock, has a lightweight/compact stock and it is fun to shoot. Today Iím taking my son Jade out to shoot our Daisy Rocket Shot for the first time.  Iíve got the new Gamo Bone Collector Swarm which has the same accuracy, power and a beautiful wood stock as the original, but now has the awesome 10 shot Gamo Multi-shot SWARM system.  No more single shot fumbling around for the next pellet! Combine the two great Gamo multi-shot break barrels and a Daisy Rocket Shot and you have yourself a whole lotta backyard fun! Get outdoors and have some fun with the family shooting some great multi-shot breakbarrels from Gamo. #gamooutdoors #daisyairguns #gamousa #shootingsports #airguns #pelletguns #gamoswarm

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