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Umarex USA Shot Show 2020


Umarex USA Shot Show 2020 - Umarex USA Brought really brought out a ton of new products at Shot Show 2020.  The AirJavelin is a co2 powered arrow shooter thatís great for having fun in the back yard as well as for small game hunting in the field. The new AirSaber takes it up a notch and goes PCP driving arrows at well over 400 fps, generating enough knock down power to take basically anything with 4 legs in North America. The new Origin is a hybrid pcp / spring airgun were the reaxis gas piston provided the added pressure for powerful PCP performance. Price point of the Origin is about $300 WITH A HAND PUMP!  We all wanted it and UX has brought it to market. The Synergis 177 is a great airgun and now you will be able to get it in .22 caliber. AWESOME!  For back yard fun with pellets UX has brought out the new Fusion 2 and also the German Made 850 M2 22.  Not to be left out of the bullpup game, the Walther Reign 22 looks extremely impressive! And you canít have fun with your PCP airgun without HPA Air and thatís where the new ďReady AirĒ personal compressor come in. If you thought UX was just sitting back, THINK AGAIN!  Itís going to be a great year for Umarex USA!

Man itís a great time to be an airgunner!!!


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More info on products mentioned in this video:
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Umaerx AirSaber -
Umaerx ReadyAir Compressor - TBA
Umaerx Origin - TBA
Umaerx Synergis .22 -
Umaerx Fusion 2 -
Umaerx 850 M2 22 -
Walther Reign UXT 22 -

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Can't wait to hear more about the Origin!


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