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Overly cautious.


Nomadic Pirate:
I've never had it happen myself but I've read of guns giving up and dumping all the air at once.

Maybe I'm overly cautious but this is the way I proceed when loading my arrow launcher.

I take the tank off, only then I insert the arrow, after the arrow is seated I screw in the broadhead, only then I put the tank back on.

I can't even imagine the damage the arrow would do to your hand even without the broadhead if the valve would give and dump all the air.

MI Yeti:
The way arrow guns load dose not seem safe at all. Better to be cautious than lose a hand.

You’ve seen what they do first hand to hogs. No such thing as “ overly “ cautious.

Doug Wall:
Getting into this way late! You have to treat these things like a muzzle loader (which they are). Just like black powder shooters never put their hand OVER the ramrod, you never put your hand over the arrow. Always hold it, by the sides.

Nomadic Pirate:
Ho yeah, I put the arrow in the barrel and only when it's seated I screw the broad head in,.......and all that with the tank off so there's no chance of any air to push that arrow out.

It's my fool proof method of loading the gun,.....and even when I'm done,
I take the tank off first then unscrew the broadhead and then push the arrow out with a long screwdriver.


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