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Bug buster on Javelin

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The 3X9 Bug buster didn't work well.  At 20 yards, 8" low was the best it could do.  Tried shimming the rear mount, but the plastic rail makes it too wiggly.  Thought about rotating the barrel to find an upward slope but decided it was too much trouble.  Went back to the factory peep sight and all was well. Fully adjustable. Regards, Tom


How's the trigger is it adjustable? What do you think about the stock...does it have a cheap feel ?

please take some pics and post.

The trigger pull isn't too hard but it is long.  Haven't looked at adjustments yet.  Stock feels solid.  Pics maybe tomorrow.  Regards, Tom

How about the cross bow scopes on the Javelin?    Mike

I decided to live with the peep sight, it isn't bad at all.  Regards, Tom


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