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Plummets grease?

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Will it work on fill probe o rings?     Mike

Rabbit\Squirrel Killer:

--- Quote from: Wolfer on February 08, 2020, 10:44:29 PM ---Will it work on fill probe o rings?     Mike

--- End quote ---

Is it 100% Silicone grease? If so yes. If you aren't SURE don't take a chance.

I am sorry about posting this here Manny . Have had my head in the wrong place with my big bore Hatson problem.    Mike

Nomadic Pirate:
No worries, no sweat,

What kinda problems you got ?...told ya not to buy Hatsan  ;D ;D ;D ;D LOL

Pure Silicone Plumbers grease is just fine for O-rings. Don't worry about the Hatsan haters, nothing wrong with a Hatsan at all.


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