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Air javelin in stock

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Who's going to order and give a full review ??

 Im getting one to review. Ill let this set here for a bit but this will be moved to the new AIR ARCHERY gate.

Did you order already ??

Sorry...didnt see new gate.


--- Quote from: Acapulco on January 28, 2020, 06:23:48 PM ---Did you order already ??

Sorry...didnt see new gate.

--- End quote ---
Im having one sent by Umarex. I talked to them on behalf of the GTA to do reviews.

I'll end up with one this year.  Already thinking HPA conversion, but I'll happily wait to hear reviews, too.  The Javelin will end up being a darling project gun the  way the MRod is.

Travis- thanks for the new new Gate!


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