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More Winchester .30 hunting.

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Nomadic Pirate:
let me say 1st that this gun shooting the 50gr JSB at 100 FPE is a beast ;D ;D

and since it's sitting in this ugly Winchester stock it's perfect to take around the bush without worrying of ruining a nice stock  ;D ;D

So, I riactivated my Feeder after months of inactivity,
today I was watching 5 nice medium/small hogs doing their thing and battling for the corn  ;D ;D ;D when a noticed a serious sow approaching,

but she never came to the bucket, she stopped about 20-25 yards from it and just stud there watching, completely immobile,
 after a bit a couldn't take it no more so I re-position myself, found a gap through the trees and sent a 50gr JSb to the temple

Bryan Heimann:
Very nice  8)

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Nice Hog....Congratulations Manny.      Good shooting.   

Best Wishes - Tom

Nomadic Pirate:
Thanks brother Tommy :)

I really don’t know what Winchester was thinking. That is one of the ugliest stocks I’ve seen. If it was my only gun I would get in touch with Boyd’s and get a nice laminate for it. But you know what they say , imitation is the highest form of flattery. I put mine in a 10-22 folding stock just like Manny. It was kind of wobbly but I took care of that with some epoxy and cross pins. Now she’s rock solid.

Oh ya , nice hog .  8)


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