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Winchester .30 hunting.

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Nomadic Pirate:
Been putting a lot of miles on my boots lately but I haven't been able to bring bacon home  ;D

It has been raining a lot lately here so I decided today to go sit in my Banyan blind, took some 50/50 laced with Truffle oil and tossed it around on trails that cross the area.

Not long into the hunt 2 nice medium sows came down a trail and put the brakes on once they got to the laced 50/50  ;D ;D and started eating,

I was considering if I was gonna take a shot or not, if I was gonna wait for something else when this big Sow came in hot and displaced the 2 others,.....mind made up  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Took a shot at the temple and she was down,

I know, a bit of a boring hunt  ;D ;D
hopefully I'll have one more exciting when I walk around with my wicked Arrow launchers in close quarters ;D

Nice job on the sow Manny! You got some bacon there.
If you ask me thereís isnít a boring hunt. Itís either a great day outdoors and no hard work or a successful hunt and the real work begins after the photos are done. Congrats! Iíll be waiting for the airgun Hunt report. 

Great way to start off 2020, bruddah! How big is that girl?

I've been skunked since Thanksgiving. Probably gonna try again this weekend, but we'll see how it goes.  :-\

Looking good to me Manny,
Enjoy the good eats !

Blowpipe Sam:
Thank you! Hunting regs in my state require a .30 cal or bigger pcp to hunt  feral hogs.  Thank you for confirming that the Winchester can do the job on pork.  It is high on my list for a new rifle.


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