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Slugs for .25 Sumatra?

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Well Will Piatt called me today and my .25 Sumatra is almost done.  Had him go ahead and O-ring my mags.  What slugs are working well in these guns?

Habanero69er 🇺🇸:
I would have asked Will. He knows these rifles better than anyone. I've used Rick Morrill's slugs with good results.


--- Quote from: Habanero69er on December 10, 2019, 07:55:17 AM ---I would have asked Will. He knows these rifles better than anyone. I've used Rick Morrill's slugs with good results.

--- End quote ---
I'm going to ask him next time we talk.  Just forgot to yesterday.

I have some of Ricks boatail bullets, they tied up my gun as they slide fore and aft, sliding beyond the both rear and front of the magazine unless the rifle is perfectly level.

This should not be a problem for you as you were forward thinking and you are having that o-ring put on the magazines.

I did my own magazines with the o-ring mod and it does contain Rickís bullet and they do not slide in the magazine now.

They are also .252 and should shoot well, and remember Rick is a great guy.

My carbines  barrel is somewhere between .251 and . 252, I bought the Arselnold 251-253, had it cut to throw .254, in case I ever get a 25 LW barrel, and I have sized that slug to both .251 and .252, the .251 seems to enter the rifling easier and still engraves the slug, pushes them out at 800 fos from my unmodded carbine.

They drop at 56 to 57 grains which is heavy, and I have not done accuracy testing yet as I donít get out much, I may need to send some out for folks with 25 Senecas to test, bearing in mind I donít sell slugs, just like rolling my own.

Eventually I will most likely open up the .251 sizer slowly and test along the way for a perfect match to my Seneca barrel.

One strange thing I have encountered, the bolt probe on these rifles leaves a small detent on the base of the bullet when chambering, more so with the .252 than the .251, I donít know how it effects accuracy, but I figured out quickly why it does this with cast bullets and not with pellets. Pellets have a concave base, bullets of course do not.  The pellets are shorter and combined with the recessed base and smaller diameter, they slide right in, bullets engage the rifling before seating and as the probe seats then in the rifling it leaves that littke round depression in the center of the base.

I chose a heavier slug, my carbine shoots the 43 grain pellet at 910 FPS in tiny groups, so a bullet that is 5 grains away from the 43 grain pellet, oes not make much sense to me as I shoot mostly shorter distances these days.  The 56 grain bulletin is heavy, so I will eventually send it to Hollowpointmolds Bullet Service and have  Eric hp the mold and perhaps shorten the bearing surface to put the weight around 52 to 53 grains, but first I need to see how they shoot.

Good luck,


I started off with 43gr EJs, but I ordered some of Rick's slugs to experiment with. Found out that my girl likes the slugs a whole lot better than the pellets.  ??? At 30yds the slugs were more accurate at the highest power setting. The EJs I had to turn down to about 8 clicks up from zero for them to be reasonably accurate. I didn't chrono what speed the EJs were shooting accurately at.

Rick's slugs are dead on at 16 clicks on the power wheel. Hole in hole, if I do my part. Zero is currently at 30, but at 50yds it's nearly the same POI. The ones I'm using are the 48gr HP BTs. He also sent me some 35gr slugs to try, and those performed pretty good too.

I've also sampled the VarmintKnocker 47gr Coned Nose BTs. Those shoot pretty nice too. Just about as accurate as Rick's 48 grainers.


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