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Nomadic Pirate:
This Summer/Fall where brutal, extremely hot with slack winds not the best conditions to trot into the jungle  ;D ;D ;D

Last couple days the trades freshened up a bit so I took advantage and spent some time hunting

Starting from the upper ridges

then dropping under the canapy

Always nice to find Hogs activity

today I was carrying my REX .357 what a great lightweight, compact hunter this gun is

Didn't find any pigs, but it sure feels great to be hunting again  ;D ;D ;D

it's good to see you back at it too!

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Manny........I am glad that you're back at it.  Happy hunting to you sir.     Go get em !

I am standing by and waiting for your future hunting posts

Best Wishes - Tom

The heat on Maui and every else has been brutal this year.  90 degrees on Thanksgiving. Seems the pigs have retreated up into the valleys where it is cooler as there have been very few sitings on my families farm.

Hunting in paradise- sounds like a great day!


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