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Sig Sauer ASP20 Break Barrel Air Rifle "Complete Review" (Sig Air)

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This is a "Complete review" on the Sig Sauer ASP20 Break Barrel Air Rifle from my YouTube Channel, "Airgun Detectives..  Airgun Detectives is not currently sponsored by any company or organization. I film, direct, edit and produce these vides on my own for entertainment. This is a learning curve so please be patient. I provide my 100% unbiased review of my personal collection of airguns, which exceed over 200 pieces. I have everything from rifles, pistols, Co2, Break-Barrel, under-level, PCP etc.   I recently retired from 30 years of Law Enforcement and I hope to share my formal firearms experience with the airgun community and our members here at GTA. 
I hope you enjoy them,
JC  :D

Bryan Heimann:
I liked the video.  Crazy good for a bipod.  You really do better with bipods?  I never had any luck with a rest that solid on a piston rifle.  Even a bag is pushing it for me.

Sure seemsto work for you

Yes! I have had a lot of success with the bipods. Even about 99% of the breakbarrels preform better with the bipods (split bipods). Thanks for watching!

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
John :

I Thank You for your great unbiased reviews.   

You are carrying on the tradition of the late Kinney Kormandy. ( My Airgun Reviews)

I also Thank You for your many years of public service in Law Enforcement.

My Best Wishes  -  Tom


Thanks for your reply. Kinney Kormandy was a great man. I had several interactions with him over the years. It was such a loss to all that knew of him. He had great knowledge of the airgun industry and will always be missed. I hope to carry the torch for a while but those are big shoes to be filled.



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