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Webley Nemesis Co2 Air Pistol "Complete Review"


This is a "Complete review" on the Webley Nemesis Co2 Air Pistol from my YouTube Channel "Airgun Detectives".  Airgun Detectives is not currently sponsored by any company or organization. I film, direct, edit and produce these vides on my own for entertainment. I provide my 100% unbiased review of my personal collection of airguns, which exceed over 200 pieces. I have everything from rifles, pistols, Co2, Break-Barrel, under-level, PCP etc.   I recently retired from 30 years of Law Enforcement and I hope to share my formal firearms experience with the airgun community and our members here at GTA. 

Enjoy  :D

I have been enjoying mine in.22 for almost a month now. I'm not much of a pistol guy , but this one is hard to put down.
 Nice videos btw, nice to have another view of air guns that is not a paid advertisement.

Thanks for watching! I will try to release a new video every week. My promise is I will always give my unbiased review. If the airgun manufacturers want a good review then give us a good product!

Good review John, thanks a lot for letting us all know. And thank you for your effort to review all this Air Guns for us. I enjoyed this video very much. And I know from here forward it will be only better on.  :D

That for the video buddy , i was really illiterate about this gun and really looking forward to get an detailed video.
You helped me decide the guns i would like to have in my bucket list  ;)


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