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Cinnamon Boar

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Nomadic Pirate:
Went in the bush today for a little hunt, I was carrying my .30 Mini-Carbine loaded with the Baracuda pellet.

I did some sneaking around for a couple hours without any luck, at 4 PM I decided to go sit in my Blind, there's a sow that comes in consistently but I've decided I will keep her to lure in some big boars  ;D she came in, also a young boar came in, seen him a couple times and I'm gonna leave him alone for now.

The young boar left and shortly after an other sow with a small one in tow showed up and behind them this solid boar, now my trigger finger was tickling  ;D ;D

the 4 porkers where doing all kinds of gyrations so lining up a shot took some time, in quick moving animals I prefer the frontal shot vs the temple, I feel you get that little extra time.

so as soon the boar did give me the shot I took it, dropped, few lazy kiks and it was over the .30 Baracuda did it's job as well as it can be done.

Nomadic Pirate:
OK a bit of a problem with pictures, lets try again

Nice pig and that carbine is one sweet looking gun, must make trekking through the brush a wee bit easier.

From a practical standpoint. How much do you think it weighs and how much actual meat do you get? 

Nomadic Pirate:
That .30 Mini-Carbine with folding stock is da bomb :) love it

That boar was probably a good -/+ 130 pounds ?!? you basically get 30% of the actual weight in meat

Nice one Manny!


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