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Looking for a place to shoot, and people who like to shoot with other Airgunners

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Did that Avator, the closest I can find are at least 50 plus miles away. There is not really much people here in south MS are into shooting Airguns or not members of this fine and wonderful Community. Well I have to find a public spot for myself I guess.


--- Quote from: Docmd007 on March 06, 2019, 08:13:48 AM ---I just got my Umarex Gauntlet. It's looks like not many are into Air Guns here in southern MS

--- End quote ---
Yeah looks like it, in them 2 plus years i'am on here I haven't found a lot in southern MS, it looks like here people like their PS's.
And you hear them shooting them around all the time, so I guess as long as that don't changes, they will have not much interest in Airguns in common. Well I have to see if I can find somewhere around a public place in the woods, where I can shoot, and also have to clear up the laws up for that here in south MS.
It is getting old only to shoot your Red Ryder inside your Appartmend, or the Daisy 880 with 2 pumps and pellets, before we moved here I was shooting daily out to 50 yards with my Benjamin Trail NP2 and my Crosman Fire NP. That shows you how pampered I was then. LoL.
It's ok. At least I tried to reach out.

And Shooting Ranges are not very plentifull either around here. In about 50 miles radius I could find only 3 of them and the prices are just out of reach, like $20 for 2 hours or $200 for a one year membership. And I don't know how they would welcome Airgun Shooters too. So that is for now not an option either. Plus the travel for it all the time. That adds up pretty fast too.

I started up a Facebook group called Gulf Coast Airgunners to see if I can get some people out . There has to be a way to reach out to all that's buying air gun at Walmart and other sporting goods store. They are even being sold at Tractor supply. There is a fun shoot next month in this group that sounds like allot of fun if you guy are interested.

Hello, Noell.

Where would be the location of this event? What kind of guns? What I have to bring?
Right now i'm a very tight on funds, so if it wouldn't be to far away I could attend.
My Guns are at the bottom of my post, that's all I got right now.
Let me know what the location will be at, and the things I have get with me, except ammo, I have there the basics of pellets for mine. Thanks for the information about this, I really apprechiate it.

God bless you.


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