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Trigger shoe

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I donít recall ever shooting a gun with a trigger shoe.

What is the point? Are they worth it? Thank you all.

Got it on my skinny trigger blades like Crosmans 22xx and older 1377 and its day and night with a wider surface on your trigger finger.

You can install several O-rings on the trigger blade. I did it o my AA S500 and it works fine.

Yes, the OEM Crosman 22xx/13xx trigger is really thin and can make use of a shoe.

So itís a comfort thing.

Is there a case to be made for accuracy? The trigger shoe working with the geometry of your actual finger? Or the trigger shoe helping someone feel the blade the same way every time?

Thank you all.

Lone Star:
When I was a kid my dad had a S&W K22 with a trigger shoe. That pistol just felt so fine to shoot, not so much in double action but when cocked it was sublime. Never added to my guns but I have considered it. I have no idea if it had an effect on accuracy, just feel.


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