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Benjamin np2 trail .22

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I have a benjamin trail np2 .22 was wondering if you guys know any good mods for it. I got the trigger adjusted to a 3 pound pull and think that's great but any other options.  Also what kind of shooting sticks do you guys u use for long range shots

I use an old camera tripod I bought at a garage sale, $5. Works for me   ;D

All my shooting is from the bench so I do not use shooting sticks.  At some point your accuracy will fall off as your plastic pivot washers wear.  You can either order new ones from Crosman or try fabricating some out of bronze.  In case you opt for the latter I have attached instructions on how I did it.

I will add that to my upgrade list. I'm considering adding a small screw to the barrel screw so it keeps it from backing out if that makes sense

The added screw dies make sense.  Diana was doing just that in the sixties.  With today's chemicals it makes more sense to me to just clean the threads and add a bit of Vibratite VC-3. Unlike Lictite, you may tighten (or loosen) the screw without having to reapply the thread locker.  It turns the affected junction into something more like a self locking nut. 


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