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Bum Bag Fillers: a Weighty Matter

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Hi Richard
I think that's a good suggestion for general use.

But(t) for may not be practical. What we need is a stable platform to shoot from. like sandbags to rest your rifles.

These bum bags are basically sand bags for your butt. The air cushion may just be a bit too bouncy to provide stability.

I cut up the open cell foam padding Pyramid Air uses for shipping their pellets. I cut them to 1 cubes. They are compress and recover. No need to refill. Extremely light weight for my bum bag. You can cut them down to 1/2 cubes if you want more comfort.

I have used rubber dust on my bags but they are heavy, although I just bench them.

Those companies/shops who do tire rethreading have them for free, lol!

How about this stuff?


How about a bag of rice or dried beans? Not too expensive, and a great backup if you forget lunch.  8)


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