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Looking for fun shooting events in Oregon and/or Southern Washington State

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"If you build it, they will come."

Hi Bill, I like your positive attitude.

Looks like roughly 30 that have been active in 2018 and 30 active in 2017 in Oregon.
Of the active in 2018, 8 are within 1 hour,  3 more within 2 hours (many folks don't list more than the state)
Haven't sorted through the active in 2017 (,y eyes are tired)

That was a pain, had to look at all the profiles one at a time.  With we had a better search tool (just a whine).

'Nuff for today.

I'm in Eugene. It would be fun to get together with people, but the only place that I know is airgun friendly is in southern Oregon. As it is I usually drive up a logging road and shoot at one of the gravel piles.  If you find somewhere up there let me know.

Will Do Ed.
Thank You

i only have 10M and 25Y in my #backyardplinking range.  but if you're not a creep, you're welcome to come by and join me on the days i shoot.  which is often!

Frank in Hillsboro


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