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Synthetic stock for Hatsan 135 Carnivore?

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I love my .30 cal Carnivore, but I would like to shave some weight off of it for carrying it while hunting. Does anyone know if one of the other models synthetic stocks would fit on the 135?

Edit: Well I scrolled down a bit and saw that they have come out with a synthetic thumbhole stocked version. I would much perfer a standard stock and camo would be a plus. So if anyone knows if one of the stocks off one of their other big springers would work I would appreciate it.

Nate the airgunner:
The 125 compression chamber is smaller then the 135 chamber. So I do not believe the 135 action would drop in a 125 stock. I've never owned a hatsan but I believe I've heard that the synthetic stocks don't hold up the constant day after day shooting us forum members are guilty of. I'd be surprised to see how the stock on the new model 130 holds up. I honestly believe that the new 130 will be very popular, and a few new stock options will come available in the next few years.

Old topic I know but was wondering same thing.
Theres also a 135 Sniper QE next to the 135 Carnivore. Does that mean the synthetic stock from the 135 Sniper fits the 135 Carnivore?

Most likely. It would be cheaper to make the stock fit the action rather than engineer a whole different action to fit a different stock.

Just want to be sure. Had same question years ago about a Hatsan 125 wood vs synthetic and guess what; didnt fit!
May be possible to máke it fit, but still, didnt fit..
Thats why Im not so sure about the 135..


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