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H&N Piledriver REVIEW by Donnie Reed

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Bryan Heimann:
I wonder if the rough looking ones might still shoot well in a airgun with the oomph to push them and a fast twist to stabilize them adequately. 

Not exactly the same beast, but the Eun Jin .22 domes shoot surprizingly well for what they look like.  Even out of just a Benji 392.

I am not sure how perfectly balanced pellets need to be to perform well.  That lump of lead may be throwing off the rotational balance but the rifling and choke may be swaging the pellet back into good enough shape?

I think a faster twist should work better.  One curious note was Donnie's accuracy results of the two groups of pellets without the defect.  Yes they were one hole at 10 meters but I'm hoping the groups don't go crazy at further distances.

It would be great if we could finally have accurate and high bc pellets, for retained energy and flatter trajectories, at 100 yards.  With the advent of powerful pcp's, that can push more lead, this is a market segment that needs development.



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