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New budget rifle options for 2018

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There's the Umarex Gauntlet at $300, a regulated, magazine fed, PCP with a bottle reservoir:

And maybe the Benjamin Fortitude at $300, a regulated, magazine fed PCP, as a direct competitor to the Gauntlet:

There's the new Custom Shop Marauder with optional regulator, LW barrel, Picatinny breach:

All are magazine fed guns. Though many don't like to use magazines in FT, I always have. The Benjamin magazines can be set to run very reliably and I always use them in my PCP guns that are designed as such. All of the above rifles use the same magazines. The magazines are low in cost compared to many other brands. I make sure that I have enough of them. I preload enough magazine ahead of time to finish a match.

Maybe the Hatsan Flash is another option, 299$, multishot magazine and single tray and fully adjustable two stage triger.
Install a Huma regulator in this model seems very easy, so for less than another 100 dollars fully regulated with one of the best on the market.
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I must have checked this thread a half dozen times. I can't believe that almost two years and only one reply.
Miguel's reply was a good one.

I'm looking for inexpensive HFT.
I'm not going to win, so $1000 and up is not going to happen.

A list of possible rifles would be very welcome.

Umarex Gauntlet
Benjamin Fortitude
Benjamin MRod
Hatsan Flash
Dare I add to the list
Gamo urban
Benjamin Maximus
Benjamin Discovery

I am retired,  so low buck is best.
All of these are PCP, I have a hard enough time with that so Springer is just too scarry for me.  Of course,  I did see Cloud9 skunk the field with a Prosport.

I hope to stir the pot with this post.
I invite suggestions for low cost HFT rifles.


JSAR Hawk at $475 is my choice

Should be in my hands in a few weeks and I will let you know how it feels and performs with some mooterhead tuning out the door

Thanks JB. Most of the JSAR chatter has been the Raptor.
I will have a look at the Hawk.



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