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how do i shrink a picture to fit on this forum?

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 I recently switched to a smart phone ( AND I HATE IT!!!!!!!!ARGGGHHH) the pictures it takes are too big to post here.. How do i resize them?

you can reduce the size of you pictures in your phone's setting. Look in your owners manual.

I use a work-around -- upload pictures to my Facebook, save back down to phone/pc then post to GTA.

I have my phone set at the lowest resolution, 6 meg, but the pictures are still too large.  I then email them to myself and edit them with Microsoft Office Picture Manager on my pc.  I crop them and then resize to 1024x768.

The pictures are then small enough and I attach them to the bottom of my posts.  Inline would be better but I haven't figured out how to do that.  DEZ said in a post that there may be enough space on the web server to host the pictures.  I have to find that post and re read.

If you don't have Microsoft Office installed you can use Microsoft Paint.  Here is an easy to understand tutorial:



I use this online editor to set the size like I want.


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