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When GTA loads I get what appears to be a spreadsheet just like what happened when an update was installed a little while ago.

Hmmmm. That seems odd. Could it be an issue with your computer or your service?
I've on rare occasion had that with other sites- not this one, that I can remember.
Is it just an occasional occurrence, or every time you log on?

what browser and windows version ?

if chrome: click the 3 dots under the X then Help> about google chrome to update it.

reboot your internet service modem might help.

I've got Linux Mint and Firefox myself, I've been having pretty good luck recently since things were straightened out here several weeks back, it was a real issue for me before that for a little while but Rocker1 evidently got things straightened out.

The most recent issue was when we decided to make the forum a secure site. We changed the address from http: to https:. This meant recoding all of the folders for the forum and created quite a mess at first. Yep, I'll blame it on  Rocker1 also.

So, you might have to clear your internet cache file and reopen GTA. But this is the first I've heard that specific complaint.


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