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Adjustable Hamster other than Rowan?

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--- Quote from: farmerjoe99 on January 24, 2017, 05:04:50 PM ---Glad they were able to work with you  :)

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it, and would be curious to here how you decided between it and the mac1 hamster?

--- End quote ---

I really didn't like the "bowl" used on the Mac1, and didn't feel like having to make a different base.  Plus, even with the "enlarged" photos of it on their site, it's hard to see the details of it, and I was less sure that it would work for me than the RAW.  May or may not be a mistake.  I did get one comment on the RAW unit though which suggested some people had found it not to be quite as solid as expected.

I'll let you know how I like it once it arrives.

I've been using the RAW hamster for several years and find it to be very good. I did find that a piece of plastic 6'' pipe, 10" long  and 2-3" wide instead of the wood works really well. It's easy to adjust .


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