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Rules & Targets for the 10 Meter Off Hand Air Rifle Challenge Match


Feeling like an Olympian?  This match is for you!  The target for this challenging match is the ISSF 10 meter air rifle target used in Olympic competition, a.k.a. the NRA AR5 or NC-AR10 target.

The match is 20 shots.  Time limit is 35 minutes (40 minutes for multi-pump rifles).  You decide how many shots per bull.  If you need to use two or more target sheets, that is fine as long as they are shot consecutively as a potential intended match entry.

Shooting position must be offhand, standing (seated if you cannot stand), with the rifle unsupported.  The shooter's feet must be behind or touching a line 10 meters (32 feet and 10 inches) from the target face.  Any rifle type or sight is allowed.

Shots are scored according to the highest value of the target scoring zone or ring that is touched by a circle centered over your shots on the target.  The diameter of this circle is the pellet caliber (e.g., 4.5mm or 0.177 inch for 177 caliber).  A scoring gauge, or even the head of a wadcutter pellet may come in handy for this (the pellet skirt may be too large).  If any part of a scoring ring (demarcation line between the scoring zones) is touched by the circle, including even the outside edge of the scoring ring line, the shot is scored the higher value of the two scoring zones.  Shots touching the center 10 ring (more like a dot!) score 10 points, shots completely punching out the center 10 ring score 10 points and an "X".

ISSF compliant scoring ring diameters are for 177 caliber pellets.  Larger pellets will score higher on these rings.  If you are not using 177 caliber pellets, subtract from your score:  2 points if using 20 caliber pellets, 3 points if using 22 caliber pellets, or 5 points if using 25 caliber pellets. These adjustments were determined for a 20 shot match based on groups of 3000 shots simulated using a normal probability distribution with standard deviations about a perfect shot equivalent to a wide range of scores (~120 to ~180 out of 200).

If you use a 12 bull target with a line border around the center two bulls, these bulls only are for unlimited sight in and practice shots before you start the match.  SHOTS ON THESE TWO BULLS DO NOT COUNT FOR SCORE IF THEY ARE BORDERED.  If no bulls on the target you use are bordered, then all bulls and shots count for score.  Score the worst 20 shots on scoring bulls if they have more than 20 shots.

Shoot as many times as you like before posting your results once.  Post your score and target image by the end of the match due date. Targets shot before the match start date (the day following the end of the previous match, or match post date for first match of season) are not permitted.  Please write the date shot on your target(s) and post your target image(s) and score using the following format (without descriptive labels) to help with consistently summarizing the final match results:

Caliber and Pellet
Other details to share

Purchased ISSF compliant 10M AR targets may be used, or you may print your own from the below links:


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