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Sorry for the long delay in reading the postings.  I actually only go on GTA occassionally as my first real shooting love is long range rifle.  Not that I have any professional aspirations but it is what I enjoy.  I use my airguns to keep me sharp in between actual outings with my centerfire rifles.  Practicing the basics at home is very helpful.  I'm glad that there are a few of us from the GTA site here in NM.  You never know, we might get an impromptu airgun fun shoot in the future here.  I guess a few guys gettin together to push pellets down range would be a fun thing.  Anyway, hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Tom

Hi Tom, and Gerry,
I've been pretty absent from the forum due to no great excuses. Just with winter coming on I barely got the one rifle out maybe once to check something. Also I am an older guy who decided to have a family late in life, so I am busy with the two kid-does, both 4 next week. But, when everyone's gone from the house and the weather is OK, I can sneak out and fire off a few rounds at a box I have set up over the backyard wall. I finally got my .22 Weihrauch broken in in November after getting it tuned 6 months prior to that... shows how much I am able to shoot. Anyhow, please stay in touch you guys, if and when you can.

Checking in from Las Cruces - new to the board.  Southern NM is wide open BLM area - lots of area to hunt/shoot.

Just wanted to say hello to anyone out there in New Mexico, especially you guys who wrote way back when. Nothing new for me to report. Santa Fe is smoky from the fires but it hasn't been too bad yet. Just keeping my two rifles wiped down and clean for now.
Best to you all,

I live in the farming ton area and just recently got into airguns for the first time since I was a kid. Don't really know how much interest there would be in air gun competitions up here since most still see em as kids guns but its good to know there's a few more like me in my state...if you do decide to do a shoot let me know and I'll do all I can to get there...I currently shoot mainly pump pistols. Cross man PC77, and old Benjamin 137.


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