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Well, why don't you all come south to Roswell? You just might find a few aliens to shoot! Green ones that is!

All kidding aside, I have several places within 45 miles of Roswell, just full of prairie dogs, rabbits, squirrel (the ground type), and even a few skunks. Any one interested?

Well, I've been so out of touch, with raising youngins' and changing jobs these last few years. Sorry for my inattention, but I have just recently become re-acquainted and energized about all this stuff (airguns!) with a purchase 2 days ago of two old airguns from a man in Los Lunas, who's brother-in-law gave him a Diana Model 5 pistol and a Norica Model 61 rifle. Both were reportedly purchased in the 1960s, in Spain, before the man went to Viet Nam to serve his country. I am familiar with the Diana name, and have looked up a little bit of info. But the Norica is hard to find anything about, even though they've been around exactly 100 years according to what I just read. Anyhow, I've moved to Los Alamos (from Santa Fe) for the kids' sake (schools) and to finish my tenure (job), but I would love to meet up with anyone sometime to shoot, swap stories and/or do some show-n-tell with the collection (such that it is). Thanks for being there, fellow New Mexicans. Stay in touch!

Hi all just joined the forum and wanted let you know I'm up here Farmington.

I'm still here in Roswell, and still plinking pigeons. Problem is, you guys are both nearly a day away.


--- Quote from: grimmdog on April 11, 2017, 12:27:00 AM ---Hi all just joined the forum and wanted let you know I'm up here Farmington.

--- End quote ---

Hey GD.   I'm up in Bayfield, neighboring to the north.  Not much around me for other air-gunners that I know of.  Farmington is only a little over an hour away, get down there every once in a while.  I'd be interested in shooting sometime.  Chokecherry, or somewhere.



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