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Disco .177 Wild Boar hunt,..Videos, pics & story

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Nomadic Pirate:
It's been a while since I hunted with a PCP, .....what, since I had the FLEX .30 in ?

About 6 weeks ago I was testing the possibility of using my Daughter's Disco for a Hunt,  here's the thread.

I ended up not changing the transfer port and leaving her as is and yesterday I had a chance to take her out for a hunt.

This was my set up overlooking a narrow gulch where some mango trees are dropping fruit

From a bit down the slope

From further down the slope

At about 3 PM a perfect sized (for the Disco) little boar came in, ... but the wind shifted and he made me, if you listen carefully you should hear it grunting as he's leaving up the slope.

Here's the video

About 2 Hours later a very nice young boar came in, he came in hot, I had to scramble to turn the camera on, and in the video you can see I had to adjust the AO, I'm not a good target shooter at all (I get all nervous) even in archery, but when it comes to hunting for some reason I'm much better, the Winds where shifting often and I didn't want to be made by this Boar too so I took a pretty quick shot.

Here's the Video

The Boar dropped and did a few lazy kicks and that was it, gotta admit I was surprised by that

Wow! With the perfect shot placement, that Disco dropped him in his tracks. Great hunt and footage Manny.

nice hunt.
is that Disco stock forend shaved down?
Actually the grain and color look like a custom stock.  Boyd's?

That is just so cool.   Congrats on a fine hunt.


 Great Shooting Manny. Great pictures and he just dropped. Excellent shot placement for sure,



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