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Lets see those oldies

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Takes the throne back as my oldest air gun after selling off a couple. I can't get her out much, she's become a recluse. So heres to my oldest and rarest pistol...
The Challenger Plainsman circa 1950's:


--- Quote from: Andrew on May 30, 2016, 07:31:13 PM ---My oldest is a Remington 26 BB pump action

then comes this cute little model 16 Diana dated to 1930

to the very elegant BSA Cadet dated to 1945-46

a classic Benji 312

to German precision

--- End quote ---
that Remington model 26 is awesome.

The first and my most favorite is ol' blue my '79 blue streak that my dad bought off his cousin for 60$ in '86 ( the first one that he bought new in '79 was stolen ) he ain't very " looksome " but he's all mine and shoots like a dream.
Next is my '71-'74 2nd var 760 that my uncle found at the dump I call him popper because that what he sounds

Crossman c9a 1997
benji h9a 1967
slavia 620  1968
Diana model 25  1935
Crossman 38c no serial number for date

Ted Howe:
Fantastic looking guns are being shown, let's keep them coming!


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