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Here we go again!



bubba zanetti:

The GTA created a gate for this type of information found here:

As this is already been posted about Maryland it doesn't need brought to staff's attention.

However, if you or other GTA members have some info on upcoming legislation pertaining to Ag's in your State, you must send it to any one of the admins and we'll be sure to post it up in that gate.

Be advised, just posting it here is a violation of rule #3. Now do we want to not bring these issues to members attention? Heck no, we want you all informed, but its up to you all to follow the appropriate process and channels in your State to voice your concerns to elected officials. With that said, these threads usually turn into a political diatribe and as Dez has said it so will I: Not on my watch.

The GTA is an International AG forum.

So again, if you or any other GTA member has legislation info in AG's, please send the admins a link in a PM.




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